Grilled Goat Cheese- Eeeaaaassssy!

Last spring I went to a restaurant with a friend of mine and ordered a Grilled Goat Cheese and Honey Salad. It was love at first bite. I went back repeatedly to have this salad and even asked the cook how they get that crispy layer of deliciousness on top. “They grill it” he says. No details on how, what temperature, with what?? Ok, I was on my own…

So when my parents were in town we decided to try this out. We bought goat cheese (with the skin still around the edge) and attempted to fry it in the pan. We read online that perhaps freezing it first would help get the crispyness, or butter, oil, flour, or maybe grill it in the honey. Nothing. We came somewhat close…but not perfect. The frozen ones burnt, and the flour covered ones didn’t resemble what I was going for. Scheisse.

I had pretty much given up hope, when I received a picture message on my phone the other day from a good friend of mine. It was a perfectly grilled piece of goat cheese on top of a salad! What?! How did you do it?? Easy, she says. Put it in a hot pan, with nothing. Nothing?? Nope nada. So I tried it, and to my delight, it crisps up all by itself with no additional help. Easy as that. I add the honey to the top after its brown and voila, my favorite salad made at home! Guess I was making it a whole lot more difficult than necessary. Sometimes the solution just seems too obvious. 🙂

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One Response to Grilled Goat Cheese- Eeeaaaassssy!

  1. Stefanie Fuchs says:

    Hmmmmm….I LOOOOOOVE grilled goat cheese with salad!!!! And it´s really delicious to add some honey-grilled walnuts…